Everything I learn in my week 2 “Polyglot Programming”

During this week as an EncorAcademy I got to know more about the Hub, the company and It’s safe spaces as a community. Also, I watched some videos and I am going to share my knowledge with you, Hope you find it useful!

The Myth of the Genius Programmer




Compressor Head


The Art of Organizational Manipulation

Companies are made of people, without us there is no company to run so you need to learn how to navigate them. VIDEO


Lead not manage. Be a servant leadership: remove roadblocks and be like a butler to your team

  • As an employee pursue responsibility: leave the comfort zone and give that extra, do more. "think big”
  • Question things. Speak and communicate proactively about what you need, blockers, anything
  • Act like an adult: people will treat you like you ask to be treated. if you deliver your work or not its obvious. its not just about be present but deliver your work.
  • Take risks: Expand your comfort zone and remember fail fast, get up and try again.


The bad manager: 50% of your happiness at work comes from your manager.

  • Too conservatives: They make you feel that failure is a bad thing.
  • Ignores low performers: it causes more losses and it can destroy the team. Is necessary to give attention to them.
  • Beware the office politician
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • They don't trust you. there is not a creative environment
  • Directional chaos

PLAN B “get the hell out of there”

  • Don't be a victim, leave and update your resume.

Developing Expertise

  • Software is reading by people not anything else. That is why we went from random ways to methodologies to constant improvements of us, people. VIDEO

To get better software we need to make people better. But careful you cannot treat them the same so here are the different kind of people:

  • Novice: they need a detailed step by step. they care more about accomplishing and getting things done than actually learning.
  • Advance Beginners: They are like a novice with a little bit more experience. They want everything fast. They are unstable with the tasks they do, they try to do everything by their own, they do not step back.
  • Competent: As a competent you actually start asking for help from an expert and doing thinks by yourself. Here you start setting long-term plans and goals.
  • Proficient: Is the first step to a bigger world, this can make you feel like you're going backwards and feel frustrated. They need to be walked to understand this new and bigger world, search for you and look for an expert help.
  • Expert: things works bc of them. they just know because they work from intuition, not reasons. they are constantly looking and actually putting in practice new methods. They love to explore.

Your intuition grows as you get experience. Always improve the encourage competences, personal growth, communication, what can I do next?, add to your portfolio, finance, ask yourself how can you improve.

Perfection Is An Unrealistic Goal


The Power of an Agile Mindset


Linda Rising on Collaboration


Prejudices Can Alter Team Work

“How People Solve Problems and Look at the World” VIDEO

  • Thinking Big is key. We have to believe. The faith that you have telling yourself that “this will work” or “I can do this” may sound cliché but these are the fundamentals you will need to ignite yourself to the next level.
  • Today stereotyping has become more normal. We have our own world and thoughts that we are entitled too but these memories subconsciously creates stereotypes.
  • Your memory is trying to give you and accurate representation of what’s going on at that place in time. We find that some memories are distorted in a sense. Everyone can interpret how it happened in a different way: the time of day, what was worn, what “he said” or “she said”. Once those memories happen, they slowly fade after a period of time. We have to not live in a delusion that our memory is completely precise with every detail.
  • The way most people use stereotypes have caused our thinking as a human race to dissipate. Scientist conducted an experiment where children were not told what to do. All they had was something broken that needed to be fixed and to also apply the necessary tools “the rope” to get it done.

Today people use stereotypes negatively. The blue vs red. Trump vs the world. The Christians vs the Muslims. The “us” against “them” mentality. We can create an entire new way of thinking. When we learn to use our sense of thinking in a way to adapt, learn, and grow. We have to realize that it’s more important to work together on the common goal. This selfless mature level of thinking will ultimately be for the better good. In reality, no one can do it alone.

Everything is a Remix

Humans have always copied one another by unintentional choice. VIDEO

To master the art you must be balance with all 3 aspects. The 3 key components are copying, transforming, and combining. We can find that if all three elements are mastered correctly, that’s when you evolve.

  • Combing the ideas from the past will then indeed spark the new idea already planted in your mind. This is what you call a remix.
  • Transforming the old to the new, Hollywood’s’ greatest talent. All stories told, retold, and transformed and reverted since day 1.
  • Creativity isn’t magic. It happens by applying the ordinary tools of thought to existing materials. Copying is how we learn.
  • We all started from something that was copied then redefined. But those ideas all come with certain limitations to protect and serve. We call these things patens and copywriting.

As human beings we have a sense of being territorial. We believe our ideas are our property. Laws were invented with protection and mass reward. Yet, we need to evolve from what’s known as the just common good. No corporation, system government, or attorneys will be able to assist us in that. Social evolution relies on us to make the change. Remix will continuously change the way people perceive creativity, originality, and copywriting. Get creative and bless this shared knowledge to all.

Shell Tools and Scripting




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