Open source for dummies final edition

Hello readers!!✨👋🏼 Want to know more from a newbie experience in the Open Source world? This is my last week talking about my experience in open source💖 If you haven’t read my previous posts, what are you waiting for? go to the following links and check them up 😉

This last week I decided to work with four issues from open-source. They were more challenging for my technical level, but I needed to take the risk to improve or learn from what went wrong. This is what I look into:

Async methods indentation in multiple variable declarations:

In this issue, I need to find out why the async functions have an output with a wrong indentation. This is how it’s looking:

The problem is the indentation in the third line is not align with the one above.

Even when I used async functions in the past, I get through what async is and how it works. An Async function can also be defined as an expression. The async function takes the return value and automatically resolves it as a promise, and sets up a context for you to use the “await” keyword. The await keyword pauses the execution of the function.

Wrong indentation when the last line in a case is a right brace:

The indentation is wrong if the last line of code is a right brace in a case code block.
However, if you put another statement (something other than a comment) after the right brace, it becomes correct.

The last case is mistakenly indented.

Screen Development Issues:

For this issue, I have a Figma file where i see how the design should look and specifications to change or resize the attributes. This issue is a little more challenging because I’m collaborating with another guy, and we have different time zones.

Numpy array:

This issue is in Python where I’m still pretty new, and, to be honest, i still don’t quite understand this issue 100%. So i decided not to continue with it and let know the people in charge of the repo that i won’t be working on it any longer.

What I learned from this experience and what went right and wrong:

In my last week working with open-source, at least for now, I learned and made mistakes.

The dark side:

I pushed myself to the limit working until 11:00 pm or later sometimes, I lived in front of the computer from Monday to Sunday. Also, trying to learn everything in the shortest amount of time, reading, watching videos, and if I was too overwhelmed and couldn’t understand what I just saw, instead of taking a break, I started over the lecture, video, or course. Huge mistake!

I was burnout. 🤯

Also, I had a weak organization, and instead of taking one issue at a time and once I finish, then jump into the next one. I was looking for information about all the issues at the same time, jumping from one to another one and not letting go of previous failures. Time just consumed me.

The bright side:

Not everything was negative. I learned about my mistakes even when i was more disperse, i still got something for as little as it could be at the end of the day is new knowledge, a new thing that might be useful in the future.

Now I know I should organize myself better, give myself more breaks and let go of what went wrong and keep the good of the failure. Bright side, I improve my skills by reading someone’s code and communication in the open-source world.

All this has been a learning journey where I made mistakes, and I need those mistakes to become better at this, I can’t get back on my feet if I don’t fall first. I’ll keep going✨



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